Tutorial: sharing podcast clips to Instagram stories or timeline posts

I see a lot of people posting screenshots of their podcast player in their Instagram stories— showing off what podcast episode they are listening to. I found an app called: “Podcast Video Maker” that shares a short clip of any podcast episode along with a neon sign style animation (an audiogram). Here’s a tutorial on how to use it.

  1. Download “Podcast Video Maker” on the app store or play store.
  2. Search for your favourite podcast, and select an episode of it.
  3. Play the episode like in a regular podcast player. It works in the background — when your phone is put to sleep. You can control it from your device’s lock screen.

4. After you hear a clip you like, the time range selector will already be in that area. You can fine-tune the start and end time.

5. There are 4 animated layouts to choose from. The portrait ones are for stories, and the square is for the Timeline post.

6. Customize the text, colours, and clip duration. If you select a short clip duration, like 15 seconds, and you have selected a 1 minute clip, it will cut 4 equal pieces of 15 seconds each.

7. Now click “Create Story” and it will make the video chunks that you can share.

8. Choose the clip you want to share, and select “Instagram Story” or “Gallery”.

9. If you want to share to any other social network, other than Instagram Stories, export to the gallery.

10. In instagram stories, you can add extra hashtags, emoticons, and overlays on top of it.

Thats about it. There’s also a home screen that remembers your favorite podcasts, and your previous clips. You can re-share the previous clips and make new clips from your favorite podcasts, without having to search for them again.

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